Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions about MEGS

Registration & Payment Information

1.  What are the dates for MEGS summer camp?

Check back January 2017 for our summer dates.   

2.  Can I sign up for a single day of camp?

3. Is there a discount for multiple days of camp?

4.  Is there a discount for siblings? 

5.  What if my daughter cannot make her camp date, do you offer a transfer or refund?

6.  What paper work is required to attend MEGS? 

7.  Are there trained medical personnel onside?

8.  What if my daughter is on daily prescribed medication? 

9.  How do I know my daughter is safe?

10.  What is the counselor to camper ratio?

11.  What does a typical day look like at MEGS?

12.  What is the dress code for MEGS?

13.  What happens if it rains?

14. Does MEGS provide lunch?

15.  What is the behavior plan?

16. What is my daughter NOT allowed to bring to camp?

17.  Can I pick up my daughter early or drop off late?

18.  Where can I direct any additional questions I may have? 

Yes, we are happy to accommodate your daughter for one day of camp, however, we highly recommend more than one day for the benefit of a stronger learning experience. 

Yes, we offer a 10% discount for attending a full session.  

Yes, we offer a 10% discount for multiple siblings attending camp.  

Camp tuition includes a non-refundable 20% deposit per session.  Should your summer plans change please notify us as soon as possible.  If needed a refund would be 80% of the price; however if we have room and you have time we can offer a full transfer of dates if possible. 

A parent or guardian over the age of 18 must complete the Medical Release Form and Emergency Contact Form prior to camp.  We will also need a both the parent/guardian and the camper to sign the Code of Conduct Form.  Paperwork can be submitted via e-mail at or or mailed to Dynamic Leadership Consulting: MEGS 3720 Gattis School Road #800-178 Round Rock, TX 78664.  


Yes, both Katie Clark and Heather Miller have CPR, Emergency Basic First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens, and Cognitive A.E.D. Skills training through CPRToday, which expired February 2017.  We also have Anaphylaxis and Epinephrine Auto-Injector training through American Red Cross.  The staff also carried first aid kits with them at all times. 

Safety & Security

Dynamic Leadership Development is not authorized to distribute prescribed medication, and under any circumstances should a camper self-medicate.  If you have special circumstances or needs, please contact Katie Clark at

MEGS directors and councilors have had background checks by the state of Texas.  We can be identified by our uniform shirts, and name tags that will be worn at all times.   For those with peanut sensitivities, we are a peanut-free camp. 

The MEGS ratio is 1 councilor/director to 5 campers.  With a total of 20 girls per camp day.   Most day we will also have other women in science joining our MEGS groups.  

Camp will be from 9:00AM - 2:00PM for each three day session.  Please check back for = our Typical Day page.  

Please dress according to the weather, within the boundaries of decency and good taste with no halter-tops, no mid-drifts, or very short shorts. Closed-toed shoes are recommended (i.e. tennis shoes) should be worn at all times.  Anyone not in compliance with the dress code will be asked to change clothes.  The use of sunscreen and hats are highly recommended. 

In the event that the forecast is for inclement weather that would prevent MEGS from occurring you will receive a notification by text and e-mail by 6:00PM the day before camp.  

General Questions 

No, MEGS does not provide lunch.  Please send a peanut-free snack and lunch with your daughter.  We will provide an ice chest.  Please send a refillable water bottle as well.  

MEGS is committed to a safe and fun learning environment for all involved.  Please read, sign, and return the Code of Conduct Form prior to your camp session. 

MEGS is committed to a safe and fun learning environment for all involved.  Please see the Cod of Conduct form, however, do not bring any form of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or items that would endanger people, wildlife, or property.  Phones and electronic devices are allowed at camp, but only to be used at assigned times. 

Picking up your daughter early or dropping her off late can disrupt camp.  Please notify Heather Miller at 979-219-4204 or Katie Clark at 979-255-2578 24 hours in advance if you have the need to pick up early or drop off late.  If you are running late or your daughter is sick, please contact us as well.  

If we have not answered all of yore questions, please direct additional questions to Katie Clark and Heather Miller.