COMING SOON--- Are you looking for some science fun during the school year? Join our team for kid-friendly, hands-on, mind-blowing sceicne experiences right in your own backyard.  We will meet the second Saturday of each month starting this September.  

Each Saturday we will have themes such as:

  • Water you gonna do? (water cycle)
  • Come take a walk with me (exploring our Natural Texas)
  • Forams and Bivalves and Gastropods Oh My!  (Local fossil hunting) 
  • Don't Erode Me Away (soils & erosion)
  • He ate what? (animals & ecosystems)
  • What should I wear?  (weather & climate)
  • Where does the water go? (local geology)
  • Winter or Summer? (seasons & the sun)
  • I AM a Scientist (science process skills)

Please check back or email us at or kclark for more informaiton