"In twenty years of teaching I have sat though a few classes.  Professional Development, Continuing Education, a Master's Degree plus thirty house....I have endured sleepy professors as they make dull suggestions about how to teach and I have enjoyed professors who teach in a way I try to emulate.

Dr. Heather Miller is a teachers' teacher.  None of this "Do as I say, not as I do" stuff.  She makes teaching look fun because she is passionate about it.  She uses hand-on materials and shares real life experience and a joy for learning that inspires her charges to go back to their classroom and infect their own studetns with the same joie de vivre."  

           --- Kent Snoeyink, Wyoming Junior High School, Wyoming, MI.  

"Heather is a great teacher. She kept a very large group of children ranging in age from 4 to 13 engaged in learning science. She allowed them to problem solve, ask questions and explore science in an engaging way. She was confident in the children's ability to work in groups to identify science principles. The youngest were able to contribute to the discussion as well as the oldest. When the session was over, the only negative was that time was up. The children would have kept learning under her leadership if there was more time! Who knew science was so fun?"

           --- Home School Mom, ages 3-14, Houston, TX

"Are you going to come back again?  I want you to come back every day.  This was so much fun."

           --- Summer Science Program participant, ages 8, Round Top, TX